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Household Benefit Package

The Household Benefit Package is a means tested package available to persons aged 66-70 years who are not in receipt of specified social welfare payments.

The Household Benefit Package is available to those on the specified social welfare payments, all individuals aged over 70 years.

The Household Benefit Package may be available to those on Carer’s Allowance and those who are caring for a person in receipt of the Prescribed Relative's Allowance or Constant Attendance Allowance.

Contact your local Post Office for an application form or download the form here

The household benefit package includes:

-         Electricity Allowance: This allowance covers normal standing charges and up to 2,400 units of electricity annually. The allowance is divided in 400 units per 2 month billing period.

-         Natural gas Allowance: €57 is deducted from each gas bill for gas used during the summer months (June-November) and €123 for gas used during the winter months (December-May). It is possible to carry up to €150 to the next bill if the full allowance is not used up. The maximum allowance available annually is €540.

Note: If you have an electricity or natural gas supply, you must choose either the Electricity Allowance or the Natural Gas Allowance. The Electricity Allowance cannot be paid at the same time as a Natural Gas Allowance.

-         Telephone Allowance: This allowance covers both landline and mobile telephone bills. If you are billed monthly, the allowance is €21.40 + Value Added Tax (VAT). If you get billed every 2 months, the allowance is €42.80 + VAT.  The allowance is also available to individuals who are resident in nursing homes who have their own telephone line. The allowance for mobile telephones is a cash payment as part of a social welfare payment.

-         TV Licence: This allowance covers the full cost of the TV licence i.e. the TV licence is free to those eligible for the scheme.

National Fuel Scheme:

€20 per week is available between early October and mid April. This scheme is means-tested. Contact your local social welfare office for more details.

Living Alone Allowance:

Individuals aged over 66 years who receive social welfare pensions and live alone, may be entitled to a small supplementary payment (€7.70 per week).

Free travel: Free travel is available to individuals aged over 66 years. The scheme has been extended to cover travel to Northern Ireland.

Free Passport: Individuals aged over 65 years are entitled to a new passport free of charge.

Free Banking: Many banks have offers specifically for individuals aged over 60 years. Some offers include free transaction fees, free maintenance fees. Check with your bank for more information.

Useful telephone numbers & websites

Dept. of Social & Family Affairs      1890 500 000 

Age Action                               (01) 475 6989  

Carer’s Association                  1800 240 724     

Citizens Information                  1890 777121     

Energy Action                           (01) 454 5464