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Perhaps you could do a once-off fundraising event such as a coffee morning or maybe you would be interested in setting up a local ILFA support group where you live.

You can decide what level of involvement you would like to have. If you are interested in getting more involved, ILFA would like to hear from you.

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Oxygen Therapy during the Covid 19 Pandemic

No one can deny that this is one of the most challenging times our health service and our society has ever faced. As a person using oxygen the added pressure for you must be very difficult. In writing this I hope to provide you with some useful information that will allay some of your main concerns. 

Supply - Is there a possibility the country might run out of oxygen?

We are privileged in Ireland to have very dedicated oxygen suppliers, who have a genuine interest in the care and comfort of all persons requiring oxygen. There is also a dedicated oxygen processing plant based in the Republic of Ireland that is generating a huge amount of extra oxygen at the moment to not only keep your supplies but also hospital supplies topped up. Our procurement teams are working hard, round the clock, to ensure we have a good supply of additional oxygen equipment such as concentrators. Never before have these teams worked so hard to ensure you are well maintained. They will continue to do so throughout this crisis even at risk to themselves. So if you see their teams on the road give them a thumbs up!

Safety – All the usual rules apply!

Now would be a great time to do your own home oxygen safety check.  Your suppliers are extremely busy so may have less time to remind you about all the safety precautions surrounding oxygen. Have a look at some of the leaflets your supplier and ILFA have provided to you, they hold lots of valuable information. This is your opportunity to inform yourself on what you should be checking at home, for example:

·         Do I have a working smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher?

·         Is there anyone smoking in the home? This needs to stop immediately as it puts you, your family and your neighbours at risk

·         I’m washing my hands more frequently so remember to ensure the alcohol gel has completely dried before touching oxygen equipment. Hand care is important but remember NOT to use any petroleum based creams or lotions. Check the ingredients!

·         Can I possibly raise up some of my tubing from the floor to reduce my chance of tripping?

These are trying times but please rest assured your oxygen suppliers, procurement teams, hospital and community teams are working hard to look after you. If you are feeling unwell or have a more detailed question about your oxygen, contact your usual clinics. We are expecting your calls and want you to keep in touch.

Article by Patricia Davis, Clinical Nurse Specialist - Respiratory Integrated Care (RIC), Community Healthcare East (CHEast), Dublin South/Wicklow. 

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