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The Greatness Within


Transplant recipient David Crosby celebrates his new lease of life and channels the 'greatness within' as he prepares for the New York City Marathon

When I was diagnosed with IPF in late 2015, I was devastated. Having lost three siblings to a lung disease in childhood, one of whom was on a heart and lung transplant list, I thought my days were numbered. But being put under the excellent care of the respiratory team at the Mater Hospital gave me the hope and confidence that this was not to be.

With the support of medical staff, family, friends and patient support groups (ILFA), I was able to find the strength to do my utmost to get up and fight every day. From taking medication, oxygen 24 hours a day and taking on every bit of advice I was given, I was able to live my life as positively as possible.

Shortly after I was given my diagnosis, my doctor discussed lung transplantation as the best option for me, as my IPF was progressing rapidly. I was a 40 year old Dad to three small children, a husband, and I was afraid for their future and my own. Everything that was asked of me I did with enthusiasm. I exercised daily, lowered my BMI (I lost 2.5 stone in 8 weeks), attended every appointment and kept a positive attitude as much as possible. I was on the transplant list a short time when I received my double lung transplant. 

It is such an overwhelming experience of many emotions. Fear of the unknown, afraid of the outcome, and then afterwards relief and elation, and a sense of gratitude to medical staff, but mostly bittersweet, when you think of your Donor and their family. I think of them every day, when I can breathe easily, walk freely with no oxygen tubes, play with my children and see a brighter future for myself, my wife and family. Without my Donor’s wonderful gift of life and the amazing talented medical staff, I would not have had a second chance of life.

My outlook on life has totally changed. I am seizing every opportunity and trying to give back to the many people who have helped and supported me along the way. 

I have set myself a challenge of completing the New York City Marathon in November 2017 in honour and memory of my Donor, while raising funds for charity. I was honoured to speak at the launch of Organ Donation Awareness week in March 2017. I was also given opportunities to speak of my experiences in public, at schools, in newspapers, TV shows and on radio. 

I am now looking forward in life knowing that ... "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION".

And that we all have ... “GREATNESS WITHIN”


David Crosby

Lung transplant recipient and fundraiser