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Would You Like To Become More Involved With ILFA?

Perhaps you could do a once-off fundraising event such as a coffee morning or maybe you would be interested in setting up a local ILFA support group where you live.

You can decide what level of involvement you would like to have. If you are interested in getting more involved, ILFA would like to hear from you.

You can contact us via post @ PO Box 10456, Blackrock, County Dublin; via email @ or by calling 086 871 5264

Womens mini-marathon

The Flora Women’s Mini-Marathon in Dublin, held annually in June, is the largest annual fund-raising event for the ILFA. Women from all over Ireland participate in the 10km event by running, jogging, or walking to raise funds for ILFA. The ILFA team meets for a group photograph before the event and join up for refreshments after their efforts. Please visit the photo album to view more photos of this event.

ILFA first had runners and walkers taking part in this event in 2003. This event has proved to be our most successful annual fundraiser, bringing in over €140,000 to date. Each year we have up to 80 women running or walking (unfortunately men are no longer allowed – we’ve previously had a couple of very fetching outfits from Professor Egan and our chairman Terence Moran, among others!).

It is always great to see so many women wearing ILFA T-shirts and carrying the red and green ILFA balloons ! We are indebted to groups of women from all parts of the country - and from outside the country- getting together to come up to Dublin to have a fun day out as well as raising money for ILFA. Thank you for your dedication.

If you would like to join us and help raise sponsorship we would be delighted to hear from you. Maybe you could set up your own team of ILFA fundraisers. Please contact ILFA. We can supply you with T-shirts, sponsorship cards, and balloons and plenty of encouragement !

Click here to read more about the 2012 Women's mini-marathon.

Chloë Meehan, Dublin

"I really look forward to the mini marathon, I’ve done it twice and they were two great days. This year just about topped last as I considered myself an experienced mini marathoner! We got to the church to meet the ILFA posse who were all rearing to go with their personalised ILFA T-shirts and balloons, posed for a quick photo . . . and we were off! The "race" itself was really fun as I did it with my three friends and we were blessed with a beautiful day (one of the very few this summer!) After stopping in a shop get a quick Super Split ice-cream we were met by the Fire Brigade and happily ran under their hose. At that stage we were on the home run, we made it to the finish and received our medals (which we were extremely proud of). After walking around, showing off our medals for a while, we got back to the car. The feeling we had was amazing, it was a mixture of total fatigue and the sense of doing something worthwhile for ILFA. I’d like to thank everyone who sponsored me this year and last, your generosity is unbelievable. Thanks !"

Helen Durney, Kildare has organised a team of women from the Kildare area to fundraise for ILFA for the past number of years.

"Every year I approach family and friends and ask them to join our fundraising team. I also advertise in the parish newsletter and ask for participants. Thank you to all those who support us by taking part and fundraising".