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Would You Like To Become More Involved With ILFA?

Perhaps you could do a once-off fundraising event such as a coffee morning or maybe you would be interested in setting up a local ILFA support group where you live.

You can decide what level of involvement you would like to have. If you are interested in getting more involved, ILFA would like to hear from you.

You can contact us via post @ PO Box 10456, Blackrock, County Dublin; via email @ or by calling 086 871 5264

About Us

History of the Irish Lung Fibrosis Association

ILFA was founded as a charity in 2002 and registered as a company in 2003 to honour the memory of Fergus Goodbody who died from Lung Fibrosis. ILFA was set up by Nicky Goodbody, the late Terence Moran, Marie Sheridan, and Professor Jim Egan. The primary aims of the Irish Lung Fibrosis Association charity are to provide a source of information and support to people with the condition, and to promote education and suppport research.

ILFA is funded solely by donations and fundraising activities. The fundraising efforts of our supporters are vitally important to enable ILFA continue our work.

ILFA is registered with the Companies Office and the Charities Regulatory Authority. Our financial accounts are audited every year and submitted to the Companies Office following our annual general meeting, and published on the ILFA website.


Postal address and address for correspondence: ILFA, PO Box 10456, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

Registered address: Lavery House, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2.

Directors: Eddie Cassidy (Chairman), Professor Jim Egan, Liam Galvin, and Nicola Cassidy.

Treasurer: Marie Sheridan

Seretary: Michael Geoghegan


The IRISH LUNG FIBROSIS ASSOCIATION is the national patient organisation for lung fibrosis 

Registered charity number 20053437

Company registration number 367940

Charitable exemption number CHY 15462


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help individuals and families living with lung fibrosis, and the healthcare staff caring for them by providing evidence-based information, support and practical resources, and to contribute to awareness, education and research in Lung Fibrosis.

Please click here to read our Mission Statement in full. 


Annual Report 2019

Please click here to read the 2019 ILFA Annual Report.


Point of Contact

Gemma O'Dowd is ILFA's administrative assistant. Gemma's role covers a wide range of areas, including liaising with ILFA's stakeholders, assisting members of the Managing Committee in the day to day running of the association, facitlitating fundraising initiatives and raising the profile of ILFA.

Please call Gemma on 086 871 5264 or email if you have any queries.


Directors and committee members

ILFA's directors and committee members are all volunteers who have personal experience of IPF, and healthcare professionals with a special interest in IPF.

Our current committee members are Eddie Cassidy (Chairman, Director), Liam Galvin (Director), Professor Jim Egan (Director), Nicola Cassidy (Director), Marie Sheridan (Treasurer), Michael Geoghegan (Secretary), Dr Kate O'Reilly, Marie McGowan, Lynn Fox, and Lindsay Brown.

The committee meets approximatley every 4 weeks online. Please contact ILFA here or write to ILFA at PO Box 10456, Blackrock, Co. Dublin or call 086 871 5264 if you have any queries.

Click here to read more about the work of the committee.


ILFA is registered with the Companies Office and the Charities Regulatory Authority. Our financial accounts are audited every year by Whiteside Cullinan & Co. Accountants and submitted to the Companies Office and the Charities Regulatory Authority following our annual general meeting. ILFA's finanical year runs from 1st January to 31st December inclusive (as from 2019). 

ILFA's Financial Statements provide details of the charity's income and expenditure for the finanical year.

All our finance comes from fundraising activities, and individual and corporate donations. To learn more about our fundraising activities please visit our News and Events and Fundraising pages.

Click here to read how funds are spent by ILFA.


ILFA'S Stakeholers

Our stakeholders are patients and families living with lung fibrosis, healthcare professionals caring for lung fibrosis patients, fundraisers, philanthropic organisations, pharmaceutical companies, the ILFA administrator, ILFA Directors and committee members. 



Our patrons

ILFA are lucky to have four well known and hugely popular patrons associated with our charity. We are grateful to our patrons for their continued support.


Michael Darragh Macauley, Dublin GAA star became ILFA'S Patron in June 2013. Michael Darragh helped to officially launch the ILFA 2000 Steps A Day Exercise challenge along with the late Senator Feargal Quinn.

It is hoped that Michael Darragh's strong association and passion with high level sport and exercise will inspire all of us to commit to a more active, healthy, energetic and disciplined lifestyle. Michael Darragh, also a trainded yoga instructor, helped ILFA design and deliver a youga DVD that is specifically aimed at lung fibrosis patients. 

Michael Darragh is also a campaign ambassador for "Make life your legacy" and supports the "Opt for Life" call for the introduction of the soft opt out model of organ donation in Ireland. 



Andrea Corr musician, songwriter, singer, and actor was the lead singer in The Corrs, with her sisters Caroline and Sharon and her brother, Jim, before embarking on her solo career in 2007. Andrea’s latest album, Lifelines, in which sings covers of songs that were important to her when she was younger, was released in 2011.

In 2005, Andrea was awarded an honorary MBE for her contribution to music and charity. 

Andrea has a particular interest in IPF . Her mother, Jean, had IPF but unfortunately died in 1999, while awaiting a lung transplant. The Corrs tribute album, Home, released in 2005, is dedicated to her memory.

Andrea said "I am delighted to be a patron of ILFA which is obviously a charity very close to my heart".








Charlie Bird

Charlie Bird, ILFA

is a well known and hugely popular public figure. He was the Chief News Correspondent and the Washington orrespondent for RTÉ News and has presented a series of nature documentaries for RTÉ when he traveled to the Amazon, the Ganges and the Artic.

Charlie became ILFA patron in 2007 and was present at the Patient Open Day in April 2008 where he officially launched the ILFA "Directory of Services".

"I was delighted to be asked to launch the Directory of Services for ILFA. It is great to see how important a self-help group like ILFA is in getting things done. I would also like to acknowledge Professor Jim Egan and all the medical staff in the Mater Hospital for their work and dedication to helping people with IPF."